Friday, September 30, 2011

Topps Variation/Corrected Error List

71B Tom Upton Black Back
132A Clyde Kluttz White back
132B Clyde Kluttz Gray back
145A Joe Haynes White back
145B Joe Haynes Gray back
178A Cass Michaels White back
178B Cass Michaels Gray back
190A Don Johnson White back
190B Don Johnson Gray back
307A Frank Campos Right star on bottom back is red
307B Frank Campos Right star on bottom back is black

89A Chuck Stobbs White Bio text
89B Chuck Stobbs Black Bio text
108A Bob Porterfield White Bio text
108B Bob Porterfield Black Bio text
133A Gil Coan White Bio text
133B Gil Coan Black Bio text
148A Mickey Grasso White Bio text
148B Mickey Grasso Black Bio text
159A Wayne Terwilliger White Bio text
159B Wayne Terwilliger Black Bio text
164A Frank Shea White Bio text
164B Frank Shea Black Bio text

189A Bob Ross second S in Ross normal
189B Bob Ross second S in Ross obscured

4A Carlos Paula White Back
4B Carlos Paula Gray Back
49A Pedro Ramos White Back
49B Pedro Ramos Gray Back
51A Ernie Oravetz White Back
51B Ernie Oravetz Gray Back
68A Chuck Stobbs White Back
68B Chuck Stobbs Gray Back
75A Roy Sievers White Back
75B Roy Sievers Gray Back
87A Dean Stone White Back
87B Dean Stone Gray Back
98A Camilo Pascual White Back - no blue line above team name
98B Camilo Pascual Gray Back - no blue line above team name
128A Eddie Yost White Back
128B Eddie Yost Gray Back
146A Team Card White Back
146B Team Card Gray Back
157A Dick Brodowski White Back
157B Dick Brodowski Gray Back
159A Clint Courtney White Back
159B Clint Courtney Gray Back
164A Harmon Killebrew White Back
164B Harmon Killebrew Gray Back

1st Series cards can be found with Yellow/White Player/Team variations. Yellow rarer.
58A Art Schult White Team
58B Art Schult Yellow Team
92A Clint Courtney White Name
92B Clint Courtney Yellow Name

Cards 199-286 can be found with either white or gray backs, gray stock less common.
215A Jim Lemon White Back
215B Jim Lemon Grey Back
230A Bill Fischer White Back
230B Bill Fischer Grey Back
242A Ron Samford White Back
242B Ron Samford Grey Back
246A J.W. Porter White Back
246B J.W. Porter Grey Back
267A John Romonosky White Back
267B John Romonosky Grey Back
284A Steve Korcheck White Back
284B Steve Korcheck Grey Back
316A Optioned to Chattanooga in March 1959
316B ^ Not present (Note: both variations have wrong player photo – Pascual)

392A Tex Clevenger White Back
392B Tex Clevenger Dark Back
409A Ron Samford White Back
409B Ron Samford Dark Back
432A Chuck Stobbs White Back
432B Chuck Stobbs Dark Back
21 Zoilo Versalles name listed as “Zorro” uncorrected.

Cards 110-196 have “green tint variations.
124B Bill Pleis
164B Hal Naragon
166B Don Lee
180A Bob Allison
180B Bob Allison
371 Earl Battery came up in 1957 should be 1955. Uncorrected.
445 Vic Power DOB is 1931 should be 1927. Uncorrected.

40 Vic Power DOB is 1931 should be 1927

355 Vic Powers DOB is 1931 should be 1927
532 Bud Bloomfield photo is actually Jay Ward. Uncorrected.

62 Jim Kaat misspelled Katt. Uncorrected.

164 Dwight Siebler last stat line only has '196'. Uncorrected.

10A Lonberg on back.
10B Lonborg corrected.
12 Lonborg mispelled. Uncorrected.

99A Extra space – non-flush loop
99B Flush loop
491A white lettering
491B yellow lettering
49A coaches card with solid color behind coaches
49B coaches card with natural backgrounds

295 Airbrushing on wall

665A Missing Copyright line
665B Corrected Copyright present

1990 Bowman #405,#411,416

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